Professional Recommendations

From clients, employers and colleagues:

John Drevs

Director of Web Marketing, Loyola University Chicago

September 18, 2018, John managed Paul directly

I’ve worked with Paul on two projects for our University Web Team, one for our Law School site and one for our Undergraduate Recruitment site. On each project Paul was able to provide not only strategic input on the editorial direction of the site but also the bulk of the content ideation, writing and editing. He is a terrific asset to a project because of his willingness to contribute at all levels. He is such an easy person to work with because he can ramp up very quickly into a project and waste no time in making his first contributions. He particularly understands higher education and the student recruitment cycle and can provide insight beyond simply content. I look forward to the next time we can work together

Megan Short Bess

Executive Director, Beazley Institute for Health Law & Policy & Center for Online Programs at Loyola University Chicago

August 23, 2018, Paul worked with Megan in the same group

Paul played a critical role in redesigning our website. He produced creative work very quickly and was able to pivot to meet our needs as the project evolved. I was impressed by how quickly he got up to speed on our school’s programs and departments and helped us to describe them in such a concise and interesting way. We really enjoyed collaborating with Paul and will be looking to him to meet our future web copy writing and editing needs.

Ann Bezbatchenko Talbot

Managing enrollment through strategic planning and strong operations

August 23, 2018, Paul worked with Ann in the same group

As our freelancer for Loyola University Chicago’s School of Law website redesign, Paul was effective and creative. He quickly discovered the right tone for our school and worked diligently to make sure the pieces he wrote/edited worked nicely with the pieces we crafted. He provided great insight as an “outsider,” which is an often-needed voice for higher education folks. Through his quick work, he helped keep the project on time, too, which is always a plus!

Lindsey C. Johnson

Director, Continuing Legal Education & Online Communications at Loyola University Chicago School of Law

August 22, 2018, Paul worked with Lindsey C. in the same group

Paul was great to work with — not only did he work efficiently, he also worked with precision and creativity. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve the success we did without his copy writing and hard work.

Christopher Jones

Associate Director of Web Content + Strategy at Virginia Commonwealth University

December 13, 2016, Christopher managed Paul directly

We were fortunate to have Paul as part of our core team for the recent redesign of the North Central College website ( He was instrumental in developing original content, QA testing the site, and using his leadership and expertise with similar website redesign projects to help guide ours. His contributions were significant and I don’t believe we would have had as successful a transition to the new site without his input. Additionally Paul is an excellent writer and he contributed much to our editorial process as well. He is easy to work with and takes feedback with grace. I would definitely recommend Paul and hope I have an opportunity to work with him again.

Valla Aguilar

Senior Director Of Marketing at North Central College

December 1, 2016, Paul worked with Valla in the same group

Paul was a great addition to our team in working on content for the launch of our new website. He had a seamless transition onto our team and always brought an excellent attitude. He is highly collaborative and very knowledgeable in the field of higher education.

Cory Hance

Freelance Copywriter. Voiceover Talent at

November 6, 2015, Paul worked with Cory in the same group

Paul Muth is great at helping a team keep its “ducks in a row.” He keeps everybody on task and on schedule, asks the right questions, and is a great writer and strategist. He’s also just a great co-worker. Upbeat and supportive, and an all around good guy. Hope we get to collaborate again!

Charlie Meyerson

Award-winning journalist and editor, connecting great work with growing audiences

September 19, 2014, Charlie managed Paul directly

I’ve worked with Paul at two stops along my professional way — in our mutual roles as digital content innovators with Tribune Co. and at the innovative smartphone radio news startup Rivet Radio, for which I recruited him.

In each case, he’s proven a strong and loyal co-worker and an outstanding team player, always willing to share his experience with colleagues junior and senior. He’s a leader when leadership’s required but a great team player when that’s the right approach.

Paul’s pioneering, can-do embrace of new technology and his strong writing and communication skills make him an invaluable player in a startup environment or in any established organization committed to change.

Pete Pohlhammer

Communications Assistant and General Editor, Lutheran Education Journal at Concordia University Chicago

July 16, 2014, Paul worked with Pete in the same group

Paul is a great communicator, skilled at getting to the essential message of a posting in a few words. He is an excellent teacher and guide who can communicate complex subjects in understandable language. He is insightful and thoughtful.

Hannah Kohut

Associate Director of Marketing, Evening and Weekend MBA Programs, University of Chicago Gleacheer School of Business

November 11, 2013, Paul worked with Hannah in the same group

Paul’s in-depth experience in the Chicago media and news market shows in all aspect of his work. His dedication to clarity, accuracy and details make him a solid go-to person for live web updates and an overall web presence. On top of that, he’s an all-around great guy who loves to tell stories! I thoroughly enjoyed working with him at Concordia-Chicago.

Joyce Garcia

Editor at American Institutes for Research

May 6, 2009, Joyce worked with Paul in different groups

Dealing with Paul was one of my favorite parts of the job as a news producer at He kept things steady and running smoothly when all hell would break loose (often the case in a typical newsroom), handled difficult people with the patience of Job, and leavened challenging situations with a wonderful sense of humor. He would be an immeasurable asset to any media operation.

Ben Estes

Metro news editor at NOLA Media Group

October 29, 2008, Ben worked with Paul in different groups

Paul is a dedicated, hard-working manager, always focused on the customer/client. He communicates well and really knows his stuff. Paul’s position at Tribune Interactive required dealing with editors and producers from a number of markets, all with different issues and points of view. He did a good job bringing those interests together and pointing them toward a common goal. I highly recommend Paul and believe any organization would benefit from his talents.

Clayton Thomson

Consumer facing software product professional.

October 27, 2008, Paul worked with Clayton in the same group

Paul is an excellent facilitator, manager, and news editor who meet the needs of many internal customers, all with different needs, wants, and agendas. While his role was primarily internal facing, his thoughts were always on the end-user and how the news product his team produced would meet their needs, as well as to generate maximum audience volume for the company. I would work with Paul again: Anytime, anywhere.

Scott B. Anderson

(Retired) Assistant Professor at Northwestern University; Managing Editor, Medill Content Lab

October 15, 2008, Scott B. managed Paul directly

Paul has an outstanding work ethic; exudes loyalty; is a great team player; works well across departments, divisions and markets; and has a passion to be a great supervisor and manager.

Charlie Meyerson

Award-winning journalist and editor, connecting great work with growing audiences

October 14, 2008, Charlie worked with Paul in different groups

When I was considering joining Tribune Co. in 1998, Paul provided invaluable insight and guidance — and helped me decide that doing so was indeed the right move. In the exciting years that followed, Paul remained a source of great intelligence, and a favorite colleague of mine. His leadership of Shared News (Shared Content) for Tribune Interactive provided popular content for He also demonstrated time and again a knack for hiring great staffers — at least two of which my bosses hired away at convenient times. Paul’s sense of audience, his ability to set priorities and his visionary approach to communications would be a tremendous asset to any organization.

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