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“A rose by any other name?”

A former employer is changing its name today.  Is that like an ex-spouse getting remarried?  Not really.  But it still feels weird. Amicably divorced from Tribune Company during the Zell Administration, we bear no ill will toward the folks in Tribune-land. We get the acronym (Tribune Online Content). But “Tronc?”  Bob Killian of Killian Branding […]

Are reports of its demise exaggerated?

My friend Bob Killian of Killian Branding recently asked “Are focus groups obsolete?” Possibly, but it depends on where you’re focusing. The long-standing habit of inviting demographically-selected strangers into a room to be observed interacting with your product is likely a thing of the past.  Having watched many of these, there are some serious shortcomings: Focus […]

Social Media: The Sound of One Hand Clapping

It’s called “social” media for a reason. No one will take action on your messages if you don’t make them a conversation. With a few exceptions (trade media, media placements), the press release is pretty much dead, especially on social media sites. But you still see websites keeping the “social” out of their postings. This […]