“Brevity is the soul of (web content)”

With apologies to Mr. Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ (a guy who had a fatal problem getting to the point)…

Web users aren’t there to read. The best web content gets to the point in a big hurry.

Treasure hunts may amuse the kids, but web users don’t hunt. So navigation has to be simple and direct. And it’s more than a well-placed Search Box.  Answers to the most important questions must be readily accessible from throughout the site.

Context is everything. If the user wants to know about A, they’re likely to find B, C and D of interest as well. Use contextual links and rail widgets to tell a more complete story. Keep it all in one logical place.

Make it “cool” at your own risk. Flashy designs might win awards, but awards don’t help the bottom line.

Finally, knowing what to leave out is just as important as what to leave in. Web content strategy forces choices.

Never stop asking yourself this question: Why are you going to the time and expense of building website? Decide the outcomes you need, promote the necessary calls-to-action and always be testing whether those actions are taking place. If not, web content strategy is nothing if not flexible.


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