The Known Unknowns

Formulating a web content strategy should be easy. Not only do you know a good deal about your users, you know exactly what they’re choosing to look at and when they’re doing it. You know what door they use to enter your virtual marketplace and the door by which they’re leaving. You know their favorite pages and the ones they never visit.

But it’s not what you know that counts. It’s what you don’t know – what you have to predict. That’s where web content strategy comes in.

It’s all about conversions. Browsing is good. Selling is better. So where to start?

  1. Develop your KSPs (Key Selling Points)
  2. Create user personas to trace customer journeys
  3. What stories do you want to tell? What do your customers need to know?
  4. Build stakeholders by gathering cross-department input
  5. Use these conversations to identify “web champions”

Do your research first, and you’re ready to begin sketching out your content priorities.






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